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Which smartphone is the most user-friendly?

I want ot get a phone with full keyboard for messaging, and like the idea of ​​watching excel docs and outlook on my phone. I currently have Cingular, but I will from this contract soon. Please help there is so much there I just want the phone that I can work easily. Thank you for your help

From your description of what you want, I think the Cingular 8525 by HTC will be one of them. Verizon also has a similar version of this phone. This is a smart phone with sliding full keyboard.

Motorola Ming. Average price of $230 on eBay I love this phone runs on Linux software, and is an awesome looking touch keyboard has a pad so you'll like it

Almost all smartphones can view the documents. AT & T Cingular BlackBerry Curve is formaly, 8800, a new Blackberry 8820, which will have WIFI.
I think that the Blackberry very easy to use.

I use a Blackberry 8800 on AT & T, Motorola Q on Verizon and T-Mobile SDA.

My blackberry is my most user-friendly.

I tried the BlackBerry Pearl and the Blackjack. blackjack is much easier to use and looks better in a variety of screens and stuff. plus, you can use the internet to browse basic websties and receive e-mail. as opposed to the blackberry where you have to get the data packet, which is a minimum of $29.99 per month to use the Translate for Toolkit Global Market Finder Website Translator About Google Translate Turn off instant translation Privacy Help


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